RetroPie 3.5 inch SPI display HIGH FPS (FBCP - iLi9341)

So I have this 3.5 inch display which is a copy of the WaveShare 3.5 inch display that can connect to the Raspberry Pi thru the GPIO ports. I wanted to try out some gaming using RetroPie and this display. But as soon as I managed to get the display to work I noticed that games run very bad, FPS was bad, refresh rate were bad, so I started to mess around with the settings to get better performance, but I just could not get the result that I wanted until I came across project FBCD iLi9341. So ill share the full story of how this went, I will share some marks so you can jump to the paragraph that interests you if you don’t want to read thru the whole story.

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Capacitor and Ionic Integration

A thing or two about capacitor

Before we setup ionic and capacitor environment let’s take a look at what capacitor is.
Capacitor is the The Native Bridge for Cross-Platform Web Apps, it has been developed by ionic team and it allows you to use the native features of iOS, Android, Electron (desktop), and the Web (browsers). This means that with with one code base you can cover all platforms.

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